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No hard feelings – the power of embracing an Emotional Culture

Emotions have a significant impact on how people perform on tasks, how engaged and creative they are, how committed they are to their organisations, and how they make decisions. Th...  more  

The huge surge in Buy Now Pay Later and what this means for our consumers and retailers.

BNPL usage quadrupled in 2020 to over £2.7 billion in transactions but what impact does this drastic increase have on our retailers and their consumers?  more  

Navigating a restructure in uncertain times

Businesses may need to reorganise or restructure their model as they continue to evolve through challenging circumstances. We explore five actions that should be considered to ensu...  more  

Agility and Transformation - Key Objectives for 2022

Five key objectives to ensure that your business achieves the agility and transformation required in 2022.  more  

‘The Great Opportunity’ to supersede ‘The Great Resignation’

Businesses and people have shown resilience, but to embrace the opportunity ahead, they must continue to adapt and change.  more  

Inclusion is key to a thriving team | Oakwood Resources

The culture within the team will impact each person in a different way. We believe inclusion is a key part of breaking down any barriers that may affect the ability of each person ...  more  

Five ways to approach great and effective leadership | Oakwood Resources

The balance of interpersonal connection and implementing a thoughtful strategy can be difficult to navigate. So, we have come up with five ways to approach great and effective lead...  more  

Four ways to create an impact as an interim manager | Oakwood Resources

This article explores how interim managers can make a strong impact when starting a new assignment.  more  

Feeling positive about the future | Oakwood Resources

We explore why we should avoid the negativity, take a step back and remember why we should actually be feeling optimistic about the future.  more  

Leading a team as an interim manager | Oakwood Resources

Learn three effective management strategies for interim managers leading a project team.   more