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Blending the skills of interim professionals with the assurance and knowledge of consultancies

Powering business projects and achieving results through an agile, cost effective staffing model

With increased regulatory risk, competition and pressure on profitability, business operations are more complex than ever.

Often there isn’t the talent in-house to successfully tackle these challenges and here’s where Oakwood Resources can help. Our approach is completely new and achieves results. By combining the strategic expertise and thought-leadership of consultancies with the specialist commercial skills of interim managers, we accomplish far better business outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

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Introducing the Oakwood Resources Blended Model®

Oakwood Resources combines the hands-on specialist expertise of interim management with the strategic framework delivery of a consulting firm to enable a resource-based, knowledge-led solution. This blended model provides unparalleled and unprecedented value by enabling businesses to accelerate problem solving and transform their operations strategically and cost-effectively.

By combining the strategic capability of consulting firms with the tactical delivery of interim management, your business gets agile and bespoke project solutions that yield results. 













How it works 


  • We meet with you to discuss your current challenges and forecast future requirements, whether tailored interim management or a blended talent solution
  • We evaluate solutions that may be people or knowledge-led, or a blend of both
  • We aim to deliver not just what you want, but what you need

Our interim professionals

Our accounting and finance interim professionals provide their unique skill set to help a business progress, take on a new project or fill a critical gap. They're an asset which we ensure are deployed in the right way at the right time.


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We are not your traditional interim management firm

We work alongside businesses and consulting partners to provide agile and bespoke solutions ensuring that actions become outcomes and objectives are indeed objective. By combining the strategic with the tactical, we ensure that you have access to the very best talent available, enabling you to tap into specialist, niche professionals who aren't bound to a single entity or employer. 


Our areas of expertise include:


  • Loan staff 
  • Business transformation
  • Business advisory 
  • Programme / project delivery
  • Strategies for growth, mergers, disposals and acquisition
  • Compliance, governance and internal audit support


  • System implementations and integrations
  • Business process and performance improvement
  • Shared service centre creation and enhancement
  • Cost reduction and resource allocation improvement
  • Improved finance function commerciality and effectiveness
  • Profit maximisation and fundraising support



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