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Five ways to approach great and effective leadership | Oakwood Resources

The balance of interpersonal connection and implementing a thoughtful strategy can be difficult to navigate. So, we have come up with five ways to approach great and effective lead...  more  

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This article explores how interim managers can make a strong impact when starting a new assignment.  more  

Feeling positive about the future | Oakwood Resources

We explore why we should avoid the negativity, take a step back and remember why we should actually be feeling optimistic about the future.  more  

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Learn three effective management strategies for interim managers leading a project team.   more  

A career in interim management – everything you need to know | Oakwood Resources

We discuss the points you need to consider and the steps to take in order to begin a career in interim management.  more  

A blended solution combining the best of both – A Case Study | Oakwood Resources

We present a recent case study of our blended solution in action and demonstrate the positive impact this had on the project.  more  

Why we don't need to compete with other financial service providers | Oakwood Resources

In this article we demonstrate the different qualities and unique approach that gives Oakwood Resources the specialist knowledge and vision to stand out from other financial servic...  more  

Welcoming the new approach of project-based hiring | Oakwood Resources

Is a job-for-life a thing of the past? We welcome the new approach of project-based hiring.  more  

The importance of disconnecting, post-pandemic

As we continue taking steps towards a post-pandemic era we have to consider how the last 18 months has impacted our workforce and what we can do to stem the lasting effects  more  

Getting back to face-to-face meetings | Oakwood Resources

Returning to face-to-face meetings, how to prepare and conduct them safely.  more