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You've honed your talents and risen to the top of your profession.

Now see how you can provide value as an interim manager. 


Today's businesses need flexible staffing solutions that are agile and adaptable to their requirements. Our interim finance professionals can be rapidly deployed to a project where they work as independent contractors fulfilling specific roles as part of the consulting team. 

As an interim manager, you'll use your talents to help accelerate problem-solving and transform operations strategically and cost-effectively. You'll play a leading role in cultivating growth and transforming businesses. 


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Delivering business solutions


For businesses and consultancy partners, Oakwood Resources offers the best of both worlds - knowledge and people-led solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs and enable the delivery of strategic goals.

We provide a disruptive model that allows for the delivery of key projects and initiatives for the short, medium and long-term.

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Oakwood Resources are the custodians of our interim managers’ careers. By only providing enriching assignments that allow you to showcase your delivery and commitment, we attract the very best talent in the industry and we keep it. Plus, we don’t just provide interim management solutions. By blending this with the knowledge of our accounting and consulting partners, we’ll help you realise your full potential.

We work as a team and reward our people for their performance. We’re committed to our ethics and our attitude defines our outcomes.

To register as an interim with Oakwood Resources, please click below and fill in the contact form, attaching your CV.


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Our approach


With the focus on our three key principles – integrity, honesty and delivery – we hire only the best-in-class people who have either a knowledge of interim management or are chartered accountants who’ve walked a mile in their clients’ shoes. Our interim managers hit the ground running and manage client delivery without risking integrity.


We ask first for a face-to-face meeting to assess your strengths and get to know you. This is so we can make the right match – not only in providing the skills and expertise our clients require, but by ensuring you’ll be satisfied with your interim assignment.

Our approach







What makes an interim finance professional? 


Our interim finance professionals have a background in senior-level finance and are experts in their field. You’ll be credible and reliable with a track record of success as well as excellent people skills. We want you to become a valuable asset to your client in the time you spend with them.


Demonstrate your knowledge of the sector

It is important that you can present yourself as a professional, with good working knowledge of our clients' sectors. You’ll need first-class communication skills, adaptable character traits and an ability to fit into our client’s sector.

Be accessible and responsive

Oakwood Resources focuses on client needs. We ensure that the right route is optimised, whether it’s knowledge-led, people-led, or a blend of both. Our clients usually require a quick turnaround so it’s essential that our interim professionals are responsive and flexible.


Provide sensitivity and the right cultural fit

Cultural fit is key to ensuring the right match for an assignment. We meet each of our clients and interims face-to-face to ensure strong and trustworthy relationships are built. As an interim, you’ll prove a valuable asset to our clients and they’ll be opening the doors to the inner workings of their business to you.












The benefits of interim management

Life as an interim finance professional can be incredibly rewarding. Knowing you’ve delivered a working business solution with significant impact can offer real job satisfaction.

You’ll have the enjoyment of working in different environments and tackling fresh challenges with clients who truly value your time and service.


If you are looking to put your skill set to use and become an interim finance professional, we want to hear from you.

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