Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.

Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.


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Interim Assignments: A Gateway to Personal Growth and Sector Versatility.

Interim assignments represent a dynamic and impactful career path, especially within the finance sector, offering professionals unparalleled opportunities for growth, sector versat...  more  

Is Industry Experience Truly Essential for an Interim Assignment?

As an interim solution provider, we understand the dynamics of matching the right talent with the right challenge. One of the frequent questions we encounter from potential candida...  more  

The Evolution of Interim Finance Directors in the Digital Age | Oakwood Resources

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, financial leadership has taken on a new dimension with the emergence of the digital age.   more  

5 questions every CFO should ask before engaging interim managers

Discover the questions you should be asking before engaging an interim manager for your finance project or team and learn how Oakwood’s solution can ensure success.  more  

Fresh Perspectives and Expertise: The Benefits of Interim Management for Organisations

Discover the benefits interim management services can bring to your business and find out why Oakwood is the partner you’ve been looking for.  more  

Creating a Resilient Resourcing Pipeline: A guide for FDs and CFOs

Learn how to create a resilient resourcing pipeline and discover why interim managers are the most effective resource available.   more  

Navigating the complexities of financial integration: Lessons learned from a leading FTSE 250 PLC group

In this case study, you can discover how we were able to build and maintain a positive relationship within the client's wider business.  more  

The Power of Data Analytics: Maximising Value for Financial Leaders

Explore the benefits of business analytics tools for finance and accounting executives and discover how interim managers can help you implement those tools.  more  

How Digital Technologies Are Driving Disruption In The Finance Function| Oakwood Resources

Discover the power of disruptive tech in the finance function and learn strategies to help you embrace new technologies.   more  

From Manual To Automated: The Future of Financial Processes Automation

Explore the benefits of automation in finance and accounting and discover how interim managers can support your automation implementation.  more