Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.

Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.


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Tackling a skill shortage in your organisation

Whether there is a team that needs to be led, several teams or even a department, or a project’s management that needs to be overseen, any high-level skills gap within the company ...  more  

The risk and reward of space becoming more accessible

The rapid development of technology and the boost in investment suggest that the rate of development will continue at a rapid rate, but what risks and rewards can we expect to see ...  more  

Sustainability is driving urban mobility

As the race to net zero gains momentum, cities are making changes to their transportation networks in a bid to make them greener and healthier for us and for the environment.  more  

A better way to brainstorm

This brainstorming structure will take more time and effort than your standard brainstorming session but it has the potential to reveal truly original ideas that may not have come ...  more  

The reliance on media for company growth

Because every business depends on audience attention for growth, huge consumer brands are building their own marketing and media operations. Whilst attention is becoming more diffi...  more  

Achieve the best outcomes by combining interim and permanent staff

By combining the specific skill set of an interim manager with the long-term knowledge and insight of permanent staff, organisations can ensure productivity and achieve results.  more  

Crisis management: Prepare, adapt and recover

Interim managers are also highly experienced in managing transformation and change, including overseeing periods that can prove challenging for businesses and their staff, such as ...  more  

Streamlining technology can innovate your business

The challenge of updating technology and system processes is one we see often within the interim market. With companies frequently hiring interim managers specialising in system ch...  more  

Signs your business may benefit from interim management

Interim managers are valuable and knowledgeable resources who can help a wide range of projects in many ways. Find out which issues your business may be facing that would benefit f...  more  

In this new hybrid world, are face-to-face meetings still important?

Remote meetings have been a fundamental part of our work life for the past two years and are definitely here to stay but are we missing some of the social connection by limiting ou...  more