A blended solution combining the best of both – A Case Study.

We often discuss the value of our Blended Model® when it comes to problem solving and transforming business operations. By combining the strategic capability of consulting firms with the tactical delivery of interim management, the Blended Model® enables us to provide agile and bespoke project solutions. We have selected the following case study to demonstrate our blended solution in action and the positive result gained from it's implementation.


Oakwood Resources partnered with the chosen consulting firm of a high growth business to deliver on the strategic plan for the business.


“The Sprint gave us the insight” stated the CEO. With that in mind and a blueprint for the future in place, delivery methods and tasks were agreed and together Oakwood and the Consulting firm were able to provide a combined solution.


The blueprint made it clear. Improve the supply chain process, continue with the investment in people and technology and transform the business to be fit for purpose following on from year-on-year growth over the last 6 years. Support in various areas were required and a strategic framework was developed with interim management delivery vehicles 


“Seeing Oakwood work as a peer with our partners to maximise our investment and outcome was a breath of fresh air” commented the CFO. “This is now the way forward for us. Seeing the collaboration and knowing that outside of our office both companies worked together for our benefit made the difference”


“The Oakwood Resources Blended Model does not reinvent the wheel but it does improve its performance. Working together with the Partner of the consulting firm enabled both companies to give the client the combined benefit they needed” stated the Oakwood Resources Director.


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