What should I include on my LinkedIn profile as an interim manager?

Why is LinkedIn important for interim managers?

LinkedIn allows you to create an online and visible marketing document of your skills, achievements and experience that functions as a traditional CV or portfolio but removes the hassle of sending it out en masse to potential employers. Interim service providers actively use LinkedIn to identify candidates, so having a strong interim manager profile will make you an attractive candidate, allowing them to match your skills and experience to prospective assignments or projects. 

Although there are many different ways to source interim management assignments 

, building a strong LinkedIn profile will save you time and effort, enabling prospective opportunities to find you! 

Our guide to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile:

The basics:

  • Include a photograph:

This is fundamental to making a good impression on your profile, encouraging people to connect with you. The perfect LinkedIn profile picture includes work attire, a smile and good lighting. This immediately creates the impression that you are professional and approachable.  

  • Clear contact information 

LinkedIn allows you to have many different types of privacy settings to make your contact information visible or hidden. Keeping it visible will act as evidence that you are  open to new assignments.  

  • Your headline 

The headline on your profile may be short, but it’s arguably one of the most important parts of your entire page. It should aim to contain the key aspect of your professional persona. It should identify your role, your industry and your seniority.  

  • Personal summary 

This is a small section that allows you to describe your role, your experience and your own character. It should contain keywords to optimise your chances of coming up in  searches. Thinking about the end solution or problem you’re trying to solve for potential businesses can help you craft an enticing summary. 

  • Experience, achievements and skills 

With LinkedIn, brevity is key. Be sure to detail all of your experience, however, know that prospective employers and interim management providers will only want to read a short paragraph (4-5 lines) or a few bullet points highlighting the main aspects of your previous positions or assignments. Be sure to showcase your achievements, awards or qualifications. It’s a good idea to take special care to link your previous roles and positions to the official company pages. This adds  credibility. 

  • Keywords 

LinkedIn’s algorithm is based on search optimisation of keywords. Given the professional nature of this social media platform, most of the SEO terms are job titles. Elaborating on your job title with keywords will increase your chances of coming up on searches. They can go in your job title or in your personal summary. Some good examples of interim-related keywords in a job title can include being sector-specific: 

Interim manager < Interim Manager - Senior Consultant, IT Project Management 

  • Your location 

Your location should reflect where you are comfortable working in future positions. If you are looking for work in London but your location on your profile says Norwich, it’s going to raise questions for the interim providers about your availability for their clients. 

The next steps

  • Build your connections 

You should aim to have over 500 connections. You can boost these numbers by making connections and connecting with former colleagues and employers. This will increase the likelihood of interim providers being able to reach out to you because you’ll be within their network. 

  • Picture the type of assignments you are trying to attract 

Having a clear picture of what you want to be contacted about will help you hone your profile so that it perfectly reflects the required skills and experience. Tone of voice and presentation are key. 

  • Review and update it after every assignment  

Having recent assignments on your profile will help bolster the impression that you are in demand and are highly effective as a leader and an interim. This can be harder if you have worked on longer projects (up to two years) but having an ongoing project on your profile also looks good to prospective employers.  

  • Proofread 

We know it’s very simple and obvious, but mistakes do happen. Even the most experienced and efficient typist can have the occasional slip. Although these may be innocent mistakes, they can sully an interim management provider’s or employer’s impression of your experience and skills. You wouldn’t want to be accidentally contacted for an ‘Intern Manager’ position just because of a little typo on your profile! 

If you are looking for extra tips to make sure your online profile is reflecting you accurately, Oakwood Resources can help and even source interim management roles to fit your skillset, ensuring success for both you and your stakeholders.  


We work closely with interim managers, businesses and consultancy firms to support their growth goals, matching the best professionals to exciting opportunities and assignments. If you wish to discuss interim management opportunities contact our specialist interim recruitment team.


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