What’s the difference between an interim CV and a prospectus or profile?

The traditional CV, with its short introduction, summary of education and chronological roles to date isn’t really the best format to showcase the interim manager. Despite understanding the nature of interim work hiring managers may instinctively consider it choppy. Key skills and successes can get lost in the mire of multiple roles – the interim career trajectory doesn’t necessarily follow the same progressive curve as the permanent counterparts.  

Resultingly, the interim CV can be off-putting for the decision maker - being too long to read and too time-consuming to get to the heart of what the interim candidate offers. A CV is scan read at best, and often only the top half of the first page, which risks large swathes of skills being overlooked.  

That’s where a prospectus, or a profile, comes in. 

What’s the difference between an interim CV and a candidate prospectus?

Rather than a document bogged down with multiple roles, dates and companies, a prospectus groups key skills and achievements together. This allows the hiring manager to immediately identify a candidate’s capabilities and suitability. They’re designed to be succinct and to overcome the aforementioned issues with an interim CV.   

What skills and keywords should an interim manager include in their profile? 

This will depend on your role and the industry you work in, so make sure your profile includes any jargon regularly used. Some interim providers may use AI to scan CVs and profiles before shortlisting, therefore excluding key information may risk you being overlooked. 

Include hard skills, software packages etc. by their most commonly used name.  

Interim CV examples 

Not sure where to begin with an interim profile? These examples may help. 


  • Finance Director Interim CV as profile 

Profile: Commercial Interim Finance Director with 15 years’ experience managing large budgets, overseeing financial reporting and management, and devising and implementing financial strategy. Particular focus in transformation and change, overseeing projects such as system implementation, relocation, mergers and acquisitions.  

Principal tasks: Financial and management account reporting, strategic planning, audit, regulatory compliance, financial modelling, budget analysis and control. 

Industries: automotive, aviation, manufacturing 

Software: SAP, Sage, Hyperion, Access, Excel (Advanced), Oracle, Sun 


  • Interim Manager CV as profile 

Highly skilled Interim Manager specialising in project management, from planning to delivery. Particular expertise in overseeing organisational transformation and guiding businesses through periods of change. Delivery of projects to budget and within or ahead of time, while focusing on maintaining or increasing profitability.   

Key areas: Change and transformation projects with operations, HR, product.  

Industries: Worked in a variety of sectors with particular expertise in retail and entertainment. 

Software: Salesforce, Access, Adapt.

Should I still have a CV? 

A CV can still be useful and some organisations may require them. Always keep a version that’s up to date, so you’re ready if needed for a quick application.  

What are the next steps to finding assignments? 

A strong interim profile will offer a starting point, however access to the best interim roles often relies on a trusting relationship with a specialist interim management provider. They’ll get to know your skills, preferences and value-add, while offering access to available opportunities, many of which will never be advertised. 

Furthermore, the Oakwood Resources Blended Model® bridges the gap between businesses and consulting firms by providing the hands-on specialist expertise of interim managers to enable a resource-based, knowledge-led solution. This blended model provides unparalleled and unprecedented value by enabling businesses to accelerate problem solving and transform their operations strategically and cost-effectively. As an interim, you’ll enjoy the benefits of working on exciting engagements with leading businesses and consultancies while still maintaining the flexibility and financial benefit that an interim management career affords. 


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