Networking in a Remote World


Professional networking is a vital part of anyone’s career; however, this is particularly true for the interim manager, whose continued success relies on reputation and gaining introductions and contacts. Creating, maintaining and growing your network can make all the difference to the number and quality of assignments you are offered – from passively awaiting new placements to being in constant demand. 

During this year of cancelled events and working from home, networking has become more of a challenge, with many de-prioritising it or deciding it’s plainly impossible. But in this difficult time, where visibility for many has naturally reduced, it’s clearly more important than ever. And while the prospect may look different to the traditional physical events, networking remotely can and does happen, so it’s imperative you keep ahead of the curve and maximise your digital networking opportunities. 


3 tips to networking remotely:

  • Take part in webinars, and professional virtual events 

While it may feel like everything was cancelled in 2020 the reality is there were an abundance of events happening all the time, from wide-scale virtual conferences to smaller webinars, all with the additional ease of being able to attend from your own home – no lengthy commutes or overnight stays! If anything, what this year has shown us is that next year should offer you the freedom to attend more than you ordinarily could.  

Attending events with relevance to your industry and/or job role is one step, but to maximise the networking opportunities you should make yourself visible: ask questions, attend Zoom breakout rooms in larger events, follow up with hosts or guest speakers afterwards with relevant thanks, information or questions. This latter approach, if done well, may even lead to guest spots for yourself.  

Indeed, many hosts look for guests who can add value and insight to their events, and this is a great way to put your name out there. Don’t hesitate to utilise your agency partners either, they often host online roundtable discussions and look for industry experts to form the panel.  


  • Instigate virtual catch-ups with your contacts 

From colleagues to senior employers, everyone you have contact with is useful and is a ‘warm’ contact rather than someone you’re meeting anew, so there is a degree of trust and relationship there already. Not only do regular catch ups allow you to share knowledge, industry latest and so on, maintaining these contacts will put you in the forefront of their mind should something relevant to you come up.  


  • Grow your LinkedIn network 

Given how LinkedIn works – with 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections all becoming a part of your sphere - it’s vital to grow your contacts as widely as possible. Curating a solid contacts list means you can practically network passively simply through visibility alone. 

To make the most of these connections and potential profile visibility, consider what you should include on your LinkedIn profile while making sure it is up-to-date and grabs attention. Always add new skills, experience and accolades. Ask for testimonials from trusted colleagues and peers. Ensure your profile is free of any errors and include keywords that are essential to your sector and role – like any other digital platform LinkedIn operates via algorithms. 

Beyond a passive presence, remember to engage with the LinkedIn community, as this will allow others outside your connections to see you. Comment on interesting posts with valuable insights and contributions. You may also want to consider creating your own posts or articles, if you do so remember to tag relevant hashtags and incite others to comment – engagement is everything. 


How we can help 

Our consultants at Oakwood Resources can help optimise your online presence, making sure your LinkedIn profile best and most accurately represents you. We will source interim management roles that best fit your skillset, preferences and experience, ensuring success both for yourself and the organisations you work for. 


We work closely with interim managers, businesses and consultancy firms to support their growth goals, matching the best professionals to exciting opportunities and assignments. To discuss our interim management opportunities please contact our specialist interim recruitment team. 


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