Interim professionals, particularly in management and executive roles, find themselves in a landscape ripe with opportunities but also fraught with new challenges. Here's your compass for charting a successful course in the interim market this year.


Understand Market Trends
In 2024, key trends include a heightened demand for digital transformation expertise, sustainability initiatives, and financial restructuring skills.

Keeping informed about industry trends through reports, webinars, professional networks, and LinkedIn can provide a competitive edge. Platforms like LinkedIn and industry-specific publications are treasure troves for trend tracking. 


Showcase Your Speciality
In a landscape where 35% of companies look for specialised skills to drive specific projects (McKinsey), tailoring your CV to showcase relevant achievements can set you apart. 

Interim professionals should tailor their CVs and online profiles to highlight their most recent and relevant assignments, emphasising achievements that align with current market demands. For example, experience in leading digital transformation projects or implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategies can be particularly appealing to organisations in 2024.


Leverage Digital Platforms
With over 700 million users on LinkedIn, the power of digital platforms for networking and visibility is undeniable. Maximising your presence on these platforms can significantly enhance your visibility and widen your network. 


  • Optimise Your Profile for Search: Use relevant keywords in your headline, summary, and experience sections that highlight your speciality (e.g., "Interim CFO with expertise in digital transformation") to improve your profile's searchability. 
  • Publish Thought Leadership Content: Sharing insightful articles, case studies, and updates related to your areas of expertise not only demonstrates your knowledge and experience but also keeps you top of mind among your network and potential clients.
  • Engage with Your Network: Actively comment on, share, and like posts within your field to increase your visibility and engage with your connections. Participating in relevant discussions showcases your expertise and contributes to building your professional brand.
  • Utilise LinkedIn's Publishing Platform: Write and publish original content on LinkedIn's publishing platform about trends, challenges, and solutions in interim management. This will help establish you as a ‘thought leader' and attract attention from your target audience.
  • Network Strategically: Connect with key industry players, including potential clients, fellow interim managers, and interim management specialists. Personalise your connection requests with a brief introduction or comment about shared interests and experiences to make more real connections. 

Partner with Industry Experts
A survey completed by The Institute of Interim Managers (IIM) revealed that over 40% of interim assignments are sourced through Interim Management Firms.

Building strong relationships with Interim Management Firms ensures you're top of mind when suitable projects arise. Engage with them regularly, update them on your availability, and clearly communicate the types of roles and industries you're interested in. Their expertise can significantly shorten your path to your next big role.


Embrace Flexibility
Being open to various industries, roles, and even locations can enrich your professional experience and appeal to a broader range of clients. Are you limiting your opportunities by too narrow a focus, or could a broader perspective open up new horizons?


The interim market offers a world of opportunity for those ready to embrace it and contribute their expertise to organisations in need. By aligning with market demands, leveraging digital platforms, and building strong professional networks, interim managers can not only find success but also drive meaningful change in the organisations they serve. 

The journey through the interim landscape is as challenging as it is rewarding, and for those prepared to embark on this voyage, the potential for impact is boundless.


If you're looking for increased flexibility, varied experience and financial benefit, an interim role could be an excellent fit for you. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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