How can interim managers reinject momentum to projects?


Change projects such as mergers and acquisitions, new systems implementation, digital transformation, and crisis management, often require resources from across the organisation and require substantial effort and high levels of time invested. While to begin with, team members can be very enthusiastic to contribute, the pull and weight of day-to-day responsibilities can mean permanent employees lose their drive to implement change and in turn, projects can lose momentum.

Interim managers are often highly experienced in multiple sectors and disciplines and are therefore, immediately effective once engaged. An interim usually arrives when a situation or project becomes critical and, most likely, after other professionals have already tried and failed. Providing an injection of momentum into a stalled or lacklustre project, interim managers have effective project management skills to deliver exceptional results, fast.


Why are interim managers suited to reinject momentum into stalled projects?

Interim managers are highly skilled and are able to hit the ground running when entering a business to drive projects and achieve results. This includes the expertise required for the task at hand but also the motivation and messaging necessary to achieve buy-in across the business. Unhindered by office politics or history of a project, they offer:

  • Speed and agility
  • Inspiring leadership and motivation
  • Project management skills
  • A boost to innovation

Engaging an interim can be both a flexible and cost-effective solution if you require temporary managerial expertise to take over a project and provide immediate value, whatever the business need. Projects that are running out of steam can also benefit from the instant access an interim management provider has, like Oakwood Resources, to tenacious leaders with the skills to drive strategy and guide them back on track to success.


They have effective project management skills

An interim manager is well-practised at managing projects and understands exactly what is needed to deliver to time and cost frames. Unattached to previous histories of either the business or its workforce, they are instead solely focused on delivering the project goals they have been hired to achieve, and are able to objectively spot opportunities and weaknesses within a project.


They have project-specific experience

Change projects are by definition a one off or irregular event for a business, however for an interim manager change projects are their bread and butter - they will have direct knowledge and experience of the type of project they have been hired to manage or assist with, e.g. software implementation or redundancy management. Whatever the type of project they are tasked with, they will have worked on the same or similar elsewhere.

Interim managers survive on the merit of their track record, so you know they are well-equipped and experienced to perform well on the given project they have been assigned to.


They are capable of coordinating diverse teams, departments or even working between offices

With change experience in multiple environments, interim managers are often experienced overseeing multiple sites, teams, and relocations. Internal teams may have some resistance to operating between multiple sites, but this will be second nature to a seasoned interim.



Oakwood Resources can help to accelerate your business requirements by sourcing interim managers who are assessed based on their skills and experience and who can work alongside you to deliver successful outcomes for your business operational needs.


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