Many businesses are facing complex and detailed issues that might need a high-calibre skill set that they do not currently possess. This is where hiring interims can be useful, but how exactly can they help solve your business problems? By assessing the capabilities that interims offer and how this can be applied to many different scenarios, the positive business possibilities offered by using interims becomes clear.

What does an interim manager do?

An interim manager brings a versatile, senior level of experience and often a unique skill set. They can help deliver business transformation, for example: help guide a company through a period of transition such as a merger or acquisition, a systems implementation or even financial and tax changes and considerations brought on by Brexit. Well accustomed to working in high-pressure situations, they are able to meet tight deadlines and deliver projects on time and within budget.

How can interims solve business problems?

As we have seen, interim managers bring an incredible level of expertise to a broad range of business problems and are therefore able to facilitate and offer meaningful solutions. Due to their unique perspective, they can offer the following tangible solutions to business problems:

Quick results:

Interim managers are able to offer fast results due to their thorough experience in similar assignments and their knowledge that they are working to a fixed contractual deadline. Able to bring great focus from the get-go with minimal onboarding, interims can adapt quickly to your company culture, begin managing stakeholders and start the decision-making process to move the project forward.

From there they are able to adapt to your systems and processes, manage a team or work independently. It is in their best interests to deliver results in a timely fashion to support the project, whilst also preserving their reputation to ensure future assignments.

Focussed deliverables

As an interim has no stake in the internal politics of the business -- once their contract is fulfilled, they are free to start their next assignment elsewhere -- so their only concern is delivering the project. This means they keep your business needs at the forefront of their mind at all times.


During the interview process, you will probably find that your ideal interim has experience delivering very similar projects and overcoming similar business problems. Many interims spend years operating at a senior executive level before moving into interim management. Often, they are able to offer advice and support for the same business problem across a range of different sectors and industries. This means that the quality of their knowledge and skill set is more extensive than you would usually expect from a permanent hire.

Strategic mindset

As we previously noted, due to an interim’s extensive experience they are usually able to offer high-level and effective strategies very quickly. They are able to question the status quo and find the heart of the matter quickly, effectively establishing KPIs and the desired end-goal. They often bring a unique perspective as they combine their previous experiences with their impartial outlook on your company to offer the most realistic and achievable strategy to ensure success. They are not concerned with respecting the chain of command or of vying with egos, their sole focus is the most beneficial outcome.

Effective and lasting change

An interim is usually tasked with managing a team whilst on an assignment. This is with both the expectation of achieving the desired end results in a timely way, and of offering mentorship to permanent staff. Not only does this develop the skill set of your permanent staff, but it also ensures a smooth transition when the interim leaves. New systems or structures enacted during the interim’s assignment will have to be managed by the remaining employees, so in order to guarantee the lasting success of the assignment, it is in the interim’s best interest to make sure they train the remaining staff appropriately.

How can interim management services help?

One way to ensure you get the right talent and skill set to suit your company’s needs and solve your business problems is to use an interim management provider. Oakwood Resources can help to accelerate your business requirements by sourcing interim managers who are assessed based on their skills and experience and who can work alongside you to deliver successful outcomes. Visit the 'Contact Us' page of our website to find out more.