Most businesses will have their preferred suppliers when it comes to sourcing staff, whether they are permanent or temporary. However, our services don’t need to replace your existing providers. With our unique approach and our Oakwood Resources Blended Model®, we can plug the gap and provide solutions for those additional requirements where specialist knowledge and support are needed.

How would Oakwood Resources achieve these solutions for your business?


Our face-to-face ethos

Our efforts to maintain strong working relationships with both our clients and interim managers is paramount to what we do. We build lasting partnerships that deliver success and ultimately grow businesses. Meeting our clients and interims face to face has always been a key part of our process, but why is this important?

  • Collaboration happens more naturally when people can share ideas in person.
  • Complex and strategic discussions can be more easily understood – a huge benefit when assessing client needs.
  • A positive and memorable impression will stay with the client or interim manager, keeping Oakwood Resources at the forefront of their minds.


We host a bench of experienced career interims, many of whom we have placed in assignments time and time again.

At Oakwood we take pride in our efforts to maintain strong working relationships with our interim managers both before, during and after their assignments.  We witness first-hand the commitment to the project our interims demonstrate, and we understand which roles they really thrive in. Having a bench of experienced career interims is a huge advantage and here’s why;

  • When approached with a new project, we can source individuals with the relevant specialist expertise very quickly.
  • The interims have already passed compliance and reference checks, many having been placed in previous assignments by Oakwood.
  • We have the added advantage of knowing our interims well enough to understand which work environments they would enjoy and fit into.


Our partnerships

As well as ensuring we stay connected with our clients and interim managers, we have also established strong and successful partnerships with numerous accounting and consulting firms.

  • This provides us with a diverse range of specialisms and skill sets to provide the relevant knowledge-based solutions for our clients.
  • Our immersion into our partners' specialist subject areas gives us a deep understanding of their value proposition; knowledge we can then pass onto our clients. 


The unique approach of our Blended Model ®

Our Oakwood Resources Blended Model® combines the hands-on specialist expertise of interim management with the strategic framework delivery of a consulting firm to enable a resource-based, knowledge-led solution. This blended model provides unprecedented value by enabling businesses to problem solve and transform their operations both strategically and cost-effectively.

The huge advantage of combining the strategic capability of consulting firms with interim management is that your business gets agile and bespoke project solutions that yield results. 

At Oakwood Resources our person-led vision and focus on forming relationships is a key strength for our business. Combining this with our bench of specialist talent and the strategic approach of our Blended Model®, we can certainly be confident in our approach.