Here at Oakwood Resources we want to disperse the negativity, take a step back and remind you why we should actually be feeling optimistic about the future.


It would be easy to succumb to the media deluge of negativity, it has been constant and unrelenting this past year. As the panic about fuel has died down, Christmas turkeys are now next on the hitlist. This may be the time to shut out the media hype and focus on what is really important.

This time last year we would have given anything to be where we are now in terms of the health of the nation and the freedoms that are now open to us, so let’s take a step back and remember why we should actually be feeling pretty optimistic.


Social connection

With the end of the year fast approaching, our calendars can finally be filled with special occasions and many of us are looking forward to celebrating all the festivities with our loved ones. The past 18 months have made us realise that spending time with friends and family should be a top priority and whether or not there is a lack of turkey, it certainly shouldn’t dampen the mood.    



As the possibility of travel returns, we can now visit relatives and attend special occasions with our friends and family abroad. Key workers who gave up most of their year to keep the country going during the pandemic have been offered the ability to carry holiday over to next year so as not to miss out on some much-needed rest and relaxation. Cheaper lateral flow tests have also been introduced from the end of October making travel far more affordable, bringing it back in reach.



Whether abroad or in the UK we can now also get back to enjoying entertainment and culture. The live entertainment industry disappeared over night and has been very much missed. Thankfully, it has now returned, and we can immerse ourselves in theatre, cinema, art, exhibitions, live shows, concerts and more with a whole new level of appreciation. 


Industry changes

We have much to look forward to in terms of reinstating social connection and feeling the buzz of our entertainment industry, but there are other changes that will also have a positive impact.  

Some industries have adapted and grown as the pandemic has shaped our lives – the infrastructure of food/grocery delivery has been a very welcome addition as well as the flexibility of working from home many companies now offer their employees. All these little changes have given us some of our time back and an appreciation to do something more meaningful with it.

So, as we approach the end of the year, we should remind ourselves not to get absorbed by any of the negativity and remember that there is a lot to feel optimistic about. The prospect of beginning a new year is a welcome fresh start and the potential for new opportunities in 2022 is high.