Introducing the Oakwood Resources Blended Model®

Our blended model® combines the hands-on specialist expertise of interim management with the strategic framework delivery of a consulting firm to enable a resource-based, knowledge-led solution. This provides unparalleled and unprecedented value by enabling businesses to accelerate problem-solving and transform their operations strategically and cost-effectively.

By combining the strategic capability of consulting firms with the tactical delivery of interim management, your business gets agile and bespoke project solutions that yield results. 


A fresh approach to an ever-evolving and complex business environment.

We partner with senior finance professionals who are rapidly deployed onto assignments, where they can demonstrate expertise and experience to the clients that we collaborate with.


How does it work?

1. We meet with you to discuss your current challenges and forecast future requirements, whether tailored interim management or a blended talent solution.

2. We evaluate solutions that may be people or knowledge-led, or a blend of both.

3. We aim to deliver not just what you want, but what you need.


Our accounting and finance interim professionals provide their unique skill set to help a business progress, take on a new project or fill a critical gap. They're an asset which we ensure are deployed in the right way at the right time.


What are the benefits of this model?

  • Resource maximisation and cost savings - By tapping into interim management, companies can align their staffing needs with their current financial capabilities and project demands, avoiding the long-term costs associated with permanent hires. This approach not only optimises resource allocation but also significantly reduces overheads.
  • Project acceleration and enhancement - Interim professionals bring immediate momentum to projects, leveraging their expertise to overcome obstacles and drive initiatives forward at an accelerated pace. Their involvement ensures not only accelerated completion but also enriches the project outcome with high-level insights and best practices drawn from broad industry exposure.
  • Value-added consultancy enablement - Engaging interim managers often goes beyond filling a temporary leadership gap; it introduces a layer of strategic consultancy. These experts diagnose underlying issues and craft tailored strategies that address both immediate and long-term organisational goals, adding substantial value beyond the scope of the original assignment.
  • Access to a niche talent matrix - Interim management opens doors to a diverse pool of specialists who might not be accessible or necessary on a permanent basis. This niche talent matrix allows companies to deploy highly specialised skills precisely when and where they are needed, driving innovation and addressing complex challenges with expert precision.
  • Holistic problem-solving - Interim managers excel at adopting a holistic view of challenges, integrating cross-functional knowledge and industry-wide insights to devise comprehensive solutions. This broad perspective enables them to address not just the symptoms of organisational issues but the root causes, fostering sustainable improvement.
  • Knowledge transfer and legacy value - Beyond immediate project impact, interim managers play a crucial role in elevating the internal team's capabilities through deliberate knowledge sharing and skill development. This legacy of enhanced competence remains with the organisation, multiplying the value of the interim engagement over time and contributing to ongoing organisational growth and resilience.


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