The best of both worlds: Blend the expertise of an interim manager with the strategic framework delivery of a consulting firm 

Many business leaders find themselves in an interesting position as they plot the course of their teams, departments and organisations for the next 12 months. Whilst many industries have been hit hard by the economic impact of the global pandemic and will be looking to conserve cash flow to enable profitability, many will be looking to maximise transformation or large-scale change projects to ensure they’re fit for purpose – and success – for years to come. 

One of the best ways to do this is to enlist the support of a consultancy firm to ensure your resources, existing processes and even historical data all point towards future success. In 2019, the global consulting market was worth $250 billion and hiring third-party consultancies to improve business functions was a very popular choice for UK businesses. 

Alternatively, engaging interim management resources can be a cost-effective way to gain high levels of experience in your sector or on specific projects, allowing you to maximise the opportunity of your projects in a lasting way whilst minimising your costs.  

Why companies hire interim managers: 

With an interim services provider, an organisation can access a wide range of qualified interim managers with experience and expertise in your required areas. This allows companies to quickly find the right support they need and benefit from: 

  • Cost-effectiveness: Rates are adjustable with the length of the project or contract 
  • Strategy and deployment: Interims can both devise strategy as well as implement and deliver solutions 
  • Fast results: Interims’ experience means that they can deliver quantifiable data or results quickly with minimal onboarding or supervision 
  • Long-lasting impact: Interims can offer a training or knowledge-transfer function for team members so that there are the necessary skills in-house to manage the outcomes of a project after the interim’s contract has finished 

Why companies hire consultancies: 

Consultancies specialise in increasing an organisation’s performance by analysing existing processes and historical data to suggest plans for improvement. Some of the main reasons why companies choose to engage third-party consultancies include: 

  • Access to wider resources and benchmark data across an industry 
  • Insight into industry best practice as well as a variety of business environments and scenarios 
  • Deploying project teams to enable full consultancy delivery  
  • Utilising proprietary methodologies and insights honed across multiple engagements and years of experience 

The best of both worlds: The Oakwood Resources Blended Model® 

Oakwood Resources offers businesses the opportunity to leverage the immediate value and impact of interim managers as part of a wider, forward-planning engagement to enable consultancy team augmentation and enhancement for key initiatives. The Oakwood Resources Blended Model® enables businesses to access the strategic capability of a consulting firm but with the hands-on delivery of an interim, providing businesses a cost-effective alternative to a traditional consultancy engagement. 


Oakwood Resources can help to accelerate your consultancy delivery by sourcing interim managers that are assessed based on their experience in the market who can work alongside your consultancy agency to deliver bespoke solutions.  


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