Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.

Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.



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How a people focused strategy can enable better start-up success | Oakwood Resources

Hiring talent with the knowledge that supporting, recognising and investing in people’s growth, is vital to running a successful business.  more  

Why is wage inflation lagging so far behind price inflation? | Oakwood Resources

More than a fifth of workers are struggling to afford the things they need to live. Food, housing and fuel especially. For many, the cost-of-living crisis spells real hardship. Its...  more  

All companies need to assess their nature-related impact

Companies and financial institutions shouldn’t wait — for better definitions, more data, comprehensive metrics, or agreement on a global goal for nature — before investing in vital...  more  

The risk and reward of space becoming more accessible

The rapid development of technology and the boost in investment suggest that the rate of development will continue at a rapid rate, but what risks and rewards can we expect to see ...  more  

Sustainability is driving urban mobility

As the race to net zero gains momentum, cities are making changes to their transportation networks in a bid to make them greener and healthier for us and for the environment.  more  

The reliance on media for company growth

Because every business depends on audience attention for growth, huge consumer brands are building their own marketing and media operations. Whilst attention is becoming more diffi...  more  

No hard feelings – the power of embracing an Emotional Culture

Emotions have a significant impact on how people perform on tasks, how engaged and creative they are, how committed they are to their organisations, and how they make decisions. Th...  more  

The huge surge in Buy Now Pay Later and what this means for our consumers and retailers.

BNPL usage quadrupled in 2020 to over £2.7 billion in transactions but what impact does this drastic increase have on our retailers and their consumers?  more  

‘The Great Opportunity’ to supersede ‘The Great Resignation’

Businesses and people have shown resilience, but to embrace the opportunity ahead, they must continue to adapt and change.  more  

Welcoming the new approach of project-based hiring | Oakwood Resources

Is a job-for-life a thing of the past? We welcome the new approach of project-based hiring.  more