Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.

Welcome to the Oakwood Resources Blog, where you can learn about our latest updates, insights on industry trends and more.



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The importance of strategic planning | Oakwood Resources

Strategic planning will need to work hard to better anticipate potential unknowns in the market as the economy could be facing further instability further down the line. The Corona...  more  

How can an interim manager support a merger or acquisition? | Oakwood Resources

Mergers and acquisitions require a lot of energy – and resources -- to be spent on legal, human resources, business, logistical and financial considerations, not to mention change ...  more  

Our approach is unique | Oakwood Resources

With our unique approach and our Oakwood Resources Blended Model®, we can plug the gap and provide solutions for those additional requirements where specialist knowledge and suppor...  more  

Find out more about our unique approach | Oakwood Resources

Most businesses will have their preferred suppliers when it comes to sourcing staff, whether they are permanent or temporary. However, our services don’t need to replace your exist...  more  

Specialist interim professionals can guide your organisation through periods of transformation | Oakwood Resources

Business leaders are looking to engage the appropriate skills and expertise, particularly in change management and business recovery, to successfully navigate different challenges ...  more  

Crisis management: Prepare, adapt and recover

Interim managers are also highly experienced in managing transformation and change, including overseeing periods that can prove challenging for businesses and their staff, such as ...  more  

Streamlining technology can innovate your business

The challenge of updating technology and system processes is one we see often within the interim market. With companies frequently hiring interim managers specialising in system ch...  more  

Signs your business may benefit from interim management

Interim managers are valuable and knowledgeable resources who can help a wide range of projects in many ways. Find out which issues your business may be facing that would benefit f...  more  

Navigating a restructure in uncertain times

Businesses may need to reorganise or restructure their model as they continue to evolve through challenging circumstances. We explore five actions that should be considered to ensu...  more  

A blended solution combining the best of both – A Case Study | Oakwood Resources

We present a recent case study of our blended solution in action and demonstrate the positive impact this had on the project.  more