5 ways an interim manager can reinvigorate your projects in the 'new normal'


Many projects were put on hold during the pandemic, with staff furloughed in some organisations and normal operations changed or reduced with the onset of remote working. With operations returning to normal, or some semblance of it, many businesses find themselves with reduced capacity to tackle projects that have since become necessary or find a lack of momentum and continuity for previous projects that have since stalled.

Interim managers are currently in high demand as a result of these changes to operations – with their ability to re-infuse momentum in stalled projects and deliver on key objectives for businesses, particularly when it comes to change management or steering organisations through crisis periods, both of which are likely to be a possibility right now.

While the pandemic period has been new and wholly unchartered territory for us all, interim mangers are uniquely skilled at delivering change transformation and delivering projects during key times of crisis or need. As a result, their skills are in high demand. Covid has and will continue to affect the way business is conducted, with specialist expertise required to help navigate these changes.

For example, operational expertise (how to make your business Covid-safe), HR for furloughed or returning staff, legal counsel for updated terms to business, new supply chain logistics as a result of the impact of Covid and so on.

Interim managers can help:

  • Reinstall project momentum with their exceptional project leadership skills
  • Offer specialist expertise and skills
  • Help plan and/or deliver post-Covid projects, allowing the business to adapt
  • With their capability in times of change and crisis
  • Drive timely and cost-efficient results

5 project management skills required for business continuity in the ‘new normal’

Though project management styles vary from one interim to another, their success as interim managers relies on their project management skills and their ability to deliver results within specified timeframes and budgets. Each will come with their own specialist skill set, in accordance with your project type, but all good interims will have the following skills:

1. Change management

2. Resource management

3. Legacy knowledge transfer 

4. Strategic mindset

5. Delivering fast ROI

Interim managers are particularly adept at managing projects and steering business through change. Utilising interims means you are able to access their expertise for the required timeframe necessary to inject stalled projects with new momentum, using their leadership skills to manage projects and deliver desired business outcomes within time and at budget.

The reputation of and therefore success of interim managers relies on this ability to navigate change under times of high pressure.

Oakwood Resources can help you adjust to the ‘new normal’ and accelerate your business requirements by sourcing interim managers who are assessed based on their skills and experience, and who can work alongside you to deliver successful outcomes for your business operational needs.


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