New Year, New You: 4 Signs interim 
management would work for you  


While 2020 was an undoubtedly challenging year, it also provided many of us with the opportunity to pause and reflect, to consider what is important and where our priorities lie. Our careers take up a hefty portion of our lives so it’s understandable that many people have used this year to evaluate what they want from employment, and what they want their work-life balance to look like.

For many people flexibility and freedom are increasingly important, as well as autonomy over the shape of their careers and their earnings. For some, this has meant taking the plunge with their own business ventures, whereas for others interim management is the ideal solution to achieving autonomy while maximising income with minimal risk.  

If you have been considering making changes to the way you work, heading into a new year is a great time to weigh up possible opportunities, including the potential benefits interim management can offer. You may be asking yourself – what is an interim manager, why become one, and how do I become an interim manager? 

What is an interim manager? 

An interim manager is brought in to manage projects for a business for a specified amount of time. Much like a temporary employee, interims can work with a business for anywhere between two weeks to two years. However, they are brought in at a very high level. Finance interims are frequently brought in to manage or oversee periods of major transition, including business transformation initiatives, systems implementations or upgrades or business process improvement. They become important resources of expertise, industry knowledge and crisis management.   


Interim managers make an immediate impact on a project or department. They can often even provide assistance before a project starts and will usually see it through to the end, providing legacy knowledge-transfer to permanent teams. Whether an individual or team of interims to manage a project through our Blended Model® solutions, interim managers offer a cost-effective, on-demand model that continues to be a popular choice for businesses despite increased regulations including IR35.  


3 benefits of interim management: 

Higher remuneration 

It’s no secret that interim management can provide an income well over and above the equivalent permanent salary. Many executives choose this way of working because of the freedom of choice it offers, alongside its greater financial rewards. 


It’s easy to experience feelings of boredom and even frustration working for one organisation, but switching between permanent jobs too often risks making your CV look ‘hoppy’, and employers considering you risky. Electing to work in an interim capacity means you experience the fun of working in changing environments at no professional cost to you (indeed, quite the opposite!). 

Specialist technical skills 

The variety of placements also means building a highly-valued specialist skillset, making you an attractive prospect to a wide number of organisations.  

Before taking the plunge it’s worth considering the traits and work styles that lend themselves well to interim management. Many thrive with the dynamism, pressure and unique challenges but this isn’t to say it will be for everyone. 


4 traits or skills that make a good interim manager: 

  • Industry or project execution expertise 
  • Flexibility and adaptability 
  • Great communication skills 
  • High level project management 

Interim managers have to hit the ground running, with the confidence to create impact and results in a new and sometimes challenging environment. Interim managers tend to be problem solvers, adaptable to change and thrive under pressure. 


How to become an interim manager: 

If you are at the stage where you feel interim management could work for you, our specialist recruiters will guide you through the process of switching to interim management, they also have large networks and access to the best interim opportunities. 

Oakwood Resources’ expertise in the interim management market means we can find the best assignments to fit your skillset, help you get started and ensure success for both yourself and your stakeholders.  

We work closely with interim managers, businesses and consultancy firms to support their growth goals, matching the best professionals to appropriate opportunities. If you wish to discuss interim management opportunities contact our specialist interim recruitment team who will be happy to talk with you. 


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