4 reasons hiring an interim manager should be a priority in the new year  


As 2020 draws to a close we need to prioritise creating a meaningful strategy for 2021. Indeed, we need more than ever to plan: plan how to be flexible, agile and in the best possible shape to withstand tumultuous events and the unknown. With luck, next year will be less dramatic for business, however hoping for the best while preparing for the worst is a maxim 2020 has proved to be worth adhering to. 


The greatest challenge will be forming a strategy that ensures your company remains lean while remaining innovative and able to flourish. Highly-skilled interim executives are an obvious solution to this paradox – deploying senior contingent resources with specific skill sets for defined times and projects means reducing the cost of a large permanent headcount and the related recruitment costs and lengthy processes that go with that. 


Key to business planning for 2021 will be the following two questions: 


  • Does this allow us to be flexible?  
  • Are we saving costs wherever possible? 


The best strategies will accommodate being both lean and flexible, without losing sight of the key aim for most, if not all, businesses: growth. This is where, and how, interim management services will prove invaluable to many businesses. 


Why will interim management be so important in 2021?  


Making the most of interim management services will be important because interim engagements answer the two aforementioned strategy questions with a resounding ‘yes’. They allow for both a flexible taskforce and do so while saving the huge costs associated with hiring and onboarding permanent staff.  


In what ways do they achieve this?  


  • They’re cost-effective

Hiring interim managers mean accessing top talent without incurring the initial and ongoing costs of recruiting permanent staff; specialist interim management providers offer immediate access to high-calibre professionals without the lengthy recruitment rounds and notice periods of permanent hires. Furthermore, you only pay for the finite time period you need the additional expertise and manpower for.  


  • They provide effective project management and results

Interim managers are highly-skilled, not just at the specific tasks required of them in the brief but also at coming into a business in times of heightened need or pressure and working swiftly to produce results – the nature of the work makes them exceptional at working in this results-driven, high-pressured way. 


  • They provide senior-level management expertise

Interim executives are often senior-level employees with many years’ experience behind them. Rather than paying for their seniority, however, as happens with a permanent, hierarchical staff structure, you pay for the skills and the specific work they do only.  


  • They offer easy, quick deployment

Rather than lengthy advertising and search campaigns for the ideal permanent candidate, teaming up with interim recruiters who understand your business and its needs means you access the right skills you need immediately. Recruiters have access to the best interim talent and know who is immediately or shortly available. This saves you considerable time, effort and money. 


Interim management services providers: 

Specialist interim management providers such as Oakwood Resources have access to a wide network of skilled, trusted and vetted interim managers who come with a great wealth of credentials and interim experience.  

Oakwood Resources can help meet and accelerate your business goals by sourcing interim managers who are screened on their skills, proven results and experience, and who will work alongside you to deliver successful outcomes for your business’ strategic or operational needs in 2021.  


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