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Interim finance professionals


An interim professional is an individual who will add value to a company in their area of expertise, focusing on delivery and maintaining full commitment to the project until the agreed upon goals are achieved


At Oakwood Resources, our accounting and finance interim professionals can provide their expert knowledge to help a business progress or avoid a critical gap; they are an asset which we ensure are deployed in the right way at the right time.


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Interim Financial Accountants in London and South East




Understanding our clients' requirements 


Some of the challenges our clients face include project delivery, strategies for growth, mergers and acquisitions and cost reduction

Our clients come from different sectors and require adaptable interim financial professionals to solve the problems that appear unsolvable.

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To be successful as an interim professional, there are a few important traits you embody. It is important to demonstrate people skills as well as expertise. This is a way to earn respect, building a relationship and common vision with the company and allowing you to effectively meet your targets. Personal skills are also important to mentor and provide knowledge transfer to staff so that your work will have a lasting impact on the company, long after you finish.

Assignments vary in length and will be agreed upon by both the company and the interim either before or during the placement.

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Our identifiable approach


At Oakwood Resources, our identifiable approach starts with a face-to-face meeting with all interim managers.

We want to assess your strengths and get to know you. This is the only way we can ensure we make the right match -- not only in providing the skills and expertise our clients require, but by ensuring that you derive great satisfaction and career development from your interim assignments. Communication is integral to our assignment process and is the key to our combined success.

Our Approach







What makes a interim finance professional 


Good Interim finance professionals have niche skill sets and are experts in their field. They are credible, demonstrating a track record of success and are able to integrate into a foreign environment with ease. We expect you to bring your all, becoming an invaluable asset for your client in the time you spend with them.


Demonstrate your knowledge of the sector

It is important that you can present yourself as a professional, with a good working knowledge of our client’s sector. In order to construct a positive solution for our client, you will need to be able to communicate effectively and clearly using the linguistics of our client’s sector.

Be accessible

Our clients require a quick turnaround; therefore, our interim financial professionals should be accessible and flexible. At Oakwood Resources we meet all of our interim professionals in person to discuss the brief and ensure a match to our clients' specific projects.


Sensitivity and the right cultural fit

Finding the right cultural fit is a key component of finding the right match for an assignment. Our identifiable approach is based around meeting each of our clients and interims face-to-face and building a trusting, working relationship. You are a valuable asset to our client and they are opening the doors to the inner workings of their business to you.












The benefits of being an interim finance professional

Life as an interim finance professional can be incredibly rewarding. Knowing that you have delivered a working business solution that has a significant impact on a business can offer real job satisfaction.

You will have the enjoyment of working in different environments and tackling fresh challenges with clients who truly value your time and service.

If you are looking to put your skill set to use and become an interim finance professional, click here.






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