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We provide interim finance professionals

Our tailored approach enables us to work with you and your consultancy partners to provide a resource-based, knowledge-led solution.



Oakwood Resources provides a blended solution combining the specialist skill sets of interim finance professionals with the knowledge and experience of accounting and consulting firms.

Our aim is to cultivate growth and transform business by offering a combination of talent resources and personalised services.


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London-based interim management. 
International reach.


Based in London and Milton Keynes, Oakwood Resources provides services to clients based in the UK and overseas. To further understand how we can deliver both locally and internationally, click here.




 Client Services

Interim Financial Accountants in London and South East

Whether a ‘loan staff’ requirement to cover a business-as-usual role, or a team solution for a programme or project delivery, we can help.  Our tailored approach supports businesses by delivering expertise and guidance sourced via our blended solution model.

This tailored approach will provide the best outcome for your company. Find our more about our client services.



 Interim Finance Professionals

Our interim management professionals bring unique, niche, skill sets. This allows them to work with our consulting partners or directly for the client company when the right resources are required to deliver business growth or project success. 

We offer corporate agility through targeted high-quality resources and tailored solutions. Find out how you can become an interim professional.





What is required of an Oakwood Resources interim professional


Our definition of an interim finance professional is simple. You will be qualified by exam, operate via your own professional services company and understand that the commitment you bring to any project or assignment is as important as the delivery and execution.

If you would like to enquire further or register your profile with Oakwood Resources, please complete the simple online form and a member of the team will contact you.

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Oakwood has your business

We work closely with our interim finance professionals and get to know their true strengths. Having this personal approach means we can deploy them effectively to develop working solutions that will deliver project success.


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How we do business

We meet all of our clients and interim finance professionals in person. This brings tremendous benefit and wealth of knowledge, instilling trust when making the right match between interim and client company. Welcoming an unknown element into your business can sometimes be disconcerting, which is why we always aim to build a strong relationship with you and your company.


Our Approach



Interim Financial Accountants in London and South East


Deploying the right resources
to the right clients

Scoping the role and resources is best done through a series of face-to-face meetings. We build a clear picture of the immediate high-level requirements and the finer details of business culture and fit. 

Choosing the right resources is important to enable the faster integration, mobilisation and delivery to your business needs and challenges.

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